Our Achievements

Indigenous Resource Management Organization

Our Achievements

Campaigns and advocacy

  • Awareness creation on women and children’s rights (early marriage, access to education, Fgm, leadership), through series of workshop which had a positive impact. Since the inception, the project has saved 11 girls from early marriage, supported 35 children (21 girls and 14 boys) to go back to school. Some of those supported are now working.
  • Advocacy program to create enabling environment for the community to demand for their rights in service provision from service providers through establishment 6 of community animators.

Promotion of alternative Livelihoods

  • Provided capacity building for women’s groups to enhance their production skills, promote solidarity of women through formation of solidarity groups, empower women economically by helping them establish micro projects for income generation to 35 women groups across the County.
  • In the spirit and principle of leaving no one behind, the organization has supported young mothers who are between 17 to 20 years and who have been forcefully evicted from their parental homes as a result to start IGAs. Seven such groups with an average membership of 25 have so far been supported

Increased number of women in leadership position

  • The organization has trained women group leaders (15 groups), professionals (30 women) and nominated MCA (3) on leadership package called Development Leadership Team in Action. The training certificate and motivation has led to 2 women employed as chiefs, other 7 as development committees

Reduced environmental degradation

Reduced environmental degradation

  • Due to climate change and pastoralist lifestyle of moving in search of water and pasture has led to unsustainable utilization of natural resources as livestock and human settlement are concentrated in secure areas. The organization has engaged pastoralist communities to fence their animals using stones rather than cutting trees, idea which has been picked.
  • The 35 women groups target by the organization has also been trained on the use energy saving jiko that uses less firewood. Since some of the energy saving jiko are not acceptable by the culture, an imitation of the same has been tailor made on their existing tradition firestone by every household

Champion for Community led response

  • IREMO has taken the lead to pilot the application of an evolving practice for supporting communities to lead their own holistic responses to the humanitarian crisis in which they find themselves. A total of 12 communities have identified volunteers (a village elder, a woman and a youth) who will document what communities identify as needs, analyse, capacity available and gaps that exist. The information is open for sharing with external actors. So far 7 communities have benefited from Ward budget planning at ward and constituency level for 2020/2021 FY.

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