Marsabit County has a total area of 70,961.2 Km2 and occupies the extreme part of Northern Kenya. Children have a set of human rights specific to them because of moral and legal recognition of their emotional, physical and of psychological vulnerabilities. They are in need of special care and recognition by the duty bearers and the need for their rights to be respected, upheld and their views respected. Most parts of Marsabit county are arid, with the exception of some potential areas around Mt. Marsabit, Mt. Kulal, Hurri Hills and the Moyale-Sololo escarpment.

The population is projected  343,399 persons in 2015 and the number of children and young persons under the age od 18 years are esimated at 195,132 constituting 56.82% of the population. In the County, 31% of the children under five years are malnourished while 40 % are stunted. Immunization coverage is 63.6%. The immunization in rural areas is done through mobile services where community health workers visit households. Generally, the percentage of those with ability to read is 27.7%, while for those who cannot read is 72.3%.

There are 129 primary schools which are served by 680 teachers generating a teacher pupil ratio of 1:60. Total enrolment for primary schools is 41,200 whereas gross enrolment rate is 43%. The dropout rate in the county is high at 43% and completion rate of 57%. This is due to nomadic way of life, early marriages and inter-tribal conflicts.  Contraceptive acceptance is low at 8.3% due to cultural and religious beliefs. Since health facilities are at far distances, higher population of 82% deliver at home as those visiting maternity homes stand at 1.8%.

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